yeah im still going

2012-07-03 17:51:13 by ownage37

i have been working on some music for you guys. i mean you (larry). and am currently tweaking them and sending them of to the audio portal. but in the mean time here is a cool video i made.

im working on my first voice reel for anyone who is interested

so in the mean time here is a music video i made for sexual lobster

wtf im still on newgrounds

2012-04-29 10:31:33 by ownage37

so i realy need to start making content for this. hrm... i might as well become a voice actor


2011-02-11 15:46:45 by ownage37

gonna see if i can mack some awesome tunes for u guys and galls with some new soft ware im getting soon

my web show

2011-02-11 15:36:49 by ownage37

hey guys i have a web show called sketch and a new episode is poasted every week so go and check it out at